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Re: ASSO X 780

MessagePosté: 13 Nov 2017, 19:07
par Bullit
Hello again,

My apologies but I have been busy with some family matters and I haven't had time to view the forum progress.

I've sent you a PM

I purchased the drawings set to Eric but I have not been able to get in touch with him again. Do you know if he is still on business or at least, contributing to the forum?
It would be great to get in touch with Eric to know about the profiles alignment with the main spar. Considering Eric's solution implemented and flight characteristics of his ASSO would be nice to be sure to go through the right way.
My aim is to complete the full modelling, I'm introducing some changes to the original design and some of them that I have in mind are to save some weight. Nevertheless, my intention isn't to recalculate the structure.
It's a shame the low information available to build this aircraft and the lost of information that seems to have happened after some webs closure. I would like to contribute to it.

If the ribs are aligned as the drawings seem to require, the profile projection is going to be affected and the effective airfoil is going to be other than the one build. I'm going to project this airfoil and search again if there is any match with a standard airfoil type. I have not seen it before and I don't see the reason to do that unless that there is any kind of intention by Vidor to hide the real airfoil type. Moreover, this offset is going to make more difficult the skinning of the wing so again, I don't see a clear reason for that.
All the ribs are externally and proportionally identical in shape.
I'm using CATIA to model it.


Re: ASSO X 780

MessagePosté: 13 Nov 2017, 20:51
par gazaile100
Hello bullit (I love this movie and the guy who played the role...!)
Yes! Eric is still in the business, but it's not with the Asso he earns his living.
I have spoken with him a few weeks ago and he is really busy with his main job.
He told me that he has not very much time for the forum.
I will give him a call or at least a message in order to relay your help request.
Don't worry! He's a honest guy and won't let you down.
It's just a matter of time and priorities in a tough period of time for him.
I'll let you know any news from him ;-)

Re: ASSO X 780

MessagePosté: 15 Nov 2017, 21:02
par AssoX
Hi guys,
Unfortunately I don't know the NACA profile used by Vidor either, and I can't ask him anymore...
We should try to ask on an Italian forum... maybe someone who was close to Vidor could tell us...
For the modelling of the Asso X under 3D software, I have a friend who has already done the job under CATIA...
I can ask him the 3D projection of the ribs and main spar...
Also, I can provide the ribs under Autocad file (sheets A3, A4) and the profile (sheet A9) if you want.. Just send me an e-mail
Finaly, regarding the sheet A5 / F drawing, you are right, the view F is not shown on the drawing... It is missing..
I will ask to other home builder to try to understand this view and the cotation shown...